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We taste & rate wine.  The top wine is listed here.  What is your rating ?

Epikurian-2 Epicure Rated Wine - The story

Epicure was born in July 2020. We sat on my friends roof terrace that overlooks Brussels and shared an exceptional glass of Chardonnay. What a beautiful drop, we mused. Where can we find this one ? He told us and then one after the other started to tell his story of a great drops he had lately. Hey, we thought, if we all share our discoveries we will never again have to drink bad wine ! This is what this website is for. This is how Epicure started.

Help us find the one in a hundred "value-for-money" wine so we can make it available to all.

But there is more.

A huge amount of wine is purchased in supermarkets. It is so easy and convenient. The trouble is this wine is purchased in huge volumes at cutting throat prices - hundreds of thousands of bottles, hectroliters. It is a mass product and at best mediocre.
Now wine is alive and needs attention and care to become special. Smaller vineyards and less yield per hectare are maybe less efficient but that is where you find quality & taste. That is the territory where discoveries are made and you will find this wine in your smaller wineshops. It is their wine that we reference. When you purchase a bottle on Epicure-rated-wine.be you proceeds help a small and medium local business !

We support local wineshops.

But there is even more.

Epicure is like wine, with time it will get better and better !
Since we started our wine community I’m delighted to say that the results are here. I drink and share only outstanding wine. No more Château de Migraine, those days are past.
Now the more we are to search and the more wine we reference and the more we are to rate the wine the better our offer will become. Epicure will get better and better. And this is something that I’m really looking forward to !

Welcome on board ! Enjoy & participate !